About This Blog

“Being a Catholic writer is not a falling away from an ideal; it is the way to fulfill the ideal completely—to see human acts in terms of the ultimate stakes of life.” –Ralph McInerny

As a writer, I value being able to share my thoughts and perhaps reach others by my writing; I also value the discussion and critical feedback that articles can often generate, especially through the use of social media. So, after an interim of a very busy year, I decided to begin blogging again on a “clean slate,” as it were. For the thoughts behind the name of this blog, see “Why the Pantheon” on the menu bar above.

Although I’m fond of my old blog, “God’s Spies,” it needed an update and a cleaner, sleeker format. Importing it wholesale into this new space ended up being a somewhat hefty endeavor, and I may have to make some changes to the layout and archives of this site accordingly.

Additionally, this blog may be undergoing continued “construction” as I adjust my preferences for being on WordPress. Please be patient if the format or styling changes from time to time. Eventually, that should settle down.




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