Light in the Darkness: Why Have Kids in A Messed Up World?

My latest over at The Mirror! 

Lately, I’ve run into several young adults who are very vocal about the fact that they never, ever, want to have children. Many cite reasons ranging from overpopulation (a disproven myth) to children impeding their material life plans (how could they live out their own personal Eat, Pray, Love story with children to care for?), to finding baby humans unutterably gross (an odd position, considering they often gush over baby pandas, baby cartoon characters, or anything else that is cute but not human).

But many, it seems, are almost forgivably moved by a seductive and disturbing reason—and it seems to be the one most frequently recycled and regurgitated: false compassion. Why, they ask, would anyone want to bring a child into such a messed up world, where they’ll have to face suffering and evil?

Read the rest over at The Mirror Magazine. 


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